Brain Magic

We make learning the right skills fast, easy and fun.


Our goal is to help students reach for their fullest potential by buiding confidence and skills in math, language and music leading to greater successes later in life. 

Genius can be learned.

It’s simple.

Anyone can build an strong mind.  Anyone can learn to think like a genius.  Anyone can improve their memory to remember incredible amounts of information.  

Success areas like math, language and music mean success in life.  Advanced learning can be fast, easy and fun.  Your kids will smile again.  

Kids will learn to see things differently.

Specific images, like the one above, can improve your mind.

Children as young as 5 years can learn what most 12 year olds can't.  In a 2 hour session children learn a new way of looking at numbers that not only lets them see patterns and connections that last a lifetime, but they have fun doing it.  

These children  (and thousands more like them) have learned their times tables in a less than 2 hours using the 'Magic Numbers' and 'Magic Dots’.

Here is the problem with math:

 Teachers who focus on the basics use traditional methods, which are not fun and only work for less than 1 out of 3 kids.

Teachers who use ‘hands-on’ or ‘discovery’ methods don’t give kids enough practice to learn the basics.  

Before:  Kids can only answer 10-20 questions in 5 minutes.

(about 2 months later)

After:  The same kids answer 100+ questions in 5 minutes.

This method gives children skills in math which in turn allows them to succeed with equations, hands on examples and real life problems.  In other words, they get the best of both worlds.  

Learning becomes fast, fun and easy.

© Tanya 2016