Darren Michalczuk has been a teacher for more than twenty years and has taught everything from kindergarten to grade nine.   Being a homeroom teacher for all grades, physical education and music specialist and education consultant has given him the opportunity to work with thousands of students including hundreds of special needs children.


Darren is passionate about teaching.  He has written and directed over 20 plays including versions of Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood and the Wizard of Oz complete with songs, costumes and sets. 

Along with coaching many sports from little league soccer to recreation hockey to girls varsity volleyball, he has organized many events including dances, tournaments and triathlons. Introducing many higher level learning activities into the classroom such as cooking and carpentry is also a trademark of his teaching style.

He has also begun competiting in memory competiions.  Here are his results from an international ‘extreme’ competition.


As part of his education career Darren has:

o   spoke at events like the Provincial Literary Conference.

o   appeared on Dragons’ Den with educational resources.

o   developed and designed apps for Apple.

o   designed games which were sold at Indigo Chapters.

o   authored a book called ‘The Perfect School’.


He has facilitated Professional Development for such schools as:

o   Sturgeon School Division      Ochre Park School

o   Aspen View School Division  Landing Trail School

o   Living Sky School Division    Unity School

o   Black Gold School Division   Corinthia Park School


Most recently he has presented at Teachers’ Conventions such as:  

o   2015 BC Christian Teachers' Convention

o   2015 Palliser Teachers’ Convention  

o   2015 Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention 

o   2015 Greater Edmonton North Teachers’


Darren is a passionate teacher, developer and father of three. He will captivate you with his humour, intelligence, creativity and ability to make learning fun, fast and easy for every child.

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