Samantha (Langley, British Columbia, Canada)

“In all of my years of teaching, I’ve never seen anything like this."

Stephen (Westlock, Alberta, Canada)

"This is simply the fastest, easiest way to learn math.  Kids get a number sense early and learn to succeed.  You can literally watch the light go on for kids."

Debbie (Phoenix, Arizona, United States)

"My daughter learned this when she was struggling with math and she has been an honor student ever since.  She is in her mid-twenties now and has her own business working with numbers every day.  I can honestly say it has changed her life.

Katrina (Detroit, Michigan, United States)

“It is unbelievable.  It teaches kids to see numbers differently.  Until you see a little girl who has struggled her whole life become excited about numbers in a few minutes, you won’t understand.  It is amazing."

John (Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada)

"I have watched this done in the classroom and it’s amazing.  Grade 1 and 2 students learn the times tables in a couple of hours.  They aren't supposed to learn this until grade 5. Every student gets it instead of just a few that normally are able to.  Those students who would normally struggle are flying through math.

Caroline  (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

“It’s amazing.  There’s no other way to say it.  It just works."

Toni (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)

“This needs to be taught in every school.  Every kids gets the basics then every kid excels.  It doesn’t matter how low they are, every kid gets it."

Margola (Marathon, Ontario, Canada)

“I started this with my class and they loved math instantly.  With behavior issues, learning disabilities and low skills, even my most challenging students latched on and began loving numbers.  They have been asking for it ever since.

Mustafa (Spring Arbor, Michigan, United States)

“This needs to be in every classroom.  Kids succeed despite learning disabilities. This is the foudation they need."

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