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Math Workshops

Learn how to help your child to master the basics.  Most students dont have these skills.

You also learn to challenge and accelerate your child through important concepts in math.

If are not sure if your child is doing ok at math, here is a simple check.  Ask them:

6 x 7= ?

For children over 8 years of age, if it take them longer than 

3 seconds to answer, then chances are they struggle in math. 

If they are younger than this, it is the perfect time to teach them effective strategies before they develop bad habits like counting fingers or sets.  

Many kids are in ‘participation’ math where they get marks just for taking part, even it means counting blocks or drawing pictures to come up with the answer.  

A ten year old student should be able to answer basic questions about perimeter and area with rectangles (up to question ‘E’).  Students who mastered the basic facts, learned strategies and had opportunities to be challenged were able answer all of the questions on this sheet:  

Workshops for math are 4 sessions x 90 minutes.  They include:

*getting kids excited about math, 

*locking in the basic facts (+,-, x and and 

*challenging their brilliant minds.

Here is a look a peak at our schedule:

Math Workshop (2 hour) Day 1

0:00  Introduction

0:05  What causes children to hate math?

0:10  (Pretest) Where is my child at?)

0:15  Video (See the Success)

0:20  The Magic of Memory (How the Mind Remembers)

0:40  The Magic Numbers (Mnemonics for Numbers)

0:50  Math Myths


1:00  The Magical Math Stories


          TOWER OF BOOKS


1:30  The Magic Dots

(This is a geniune picture of two girls who learned to love math.  They stole my phone to take this picture)

Memory Workshops

Boost your memory and accelerate your learning abilities.

Techniques are used by geniuses and record breakers.

Learn specific skills to remember important information.

(This is an example of a memory palace, a method for remembering important information).

Music Workshops

Learn easy methods for reading and playing music on guitar, piano or violin.  

Includes melodies, harmonies, chords and key signatures.  

You’ll forever look at music differently.

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