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How does Brain Magic teach the times table?

There are 28 questions in the times table, from 3x3, to 9x9.  Simply put, we have invented a memorably odd story for each math fact - 28 stories in total.  Each story has objects in it that represent the two numbers in the question and the two numbers in the answer (for an example, head to our homepage and watch the 6 min. video that's featured half way down the page - skip to 2:03 if you want to jump right to the example story).  

Because children remember stories much more effectively than they do abstract math, these stories are a very effective way to learn the times table.

Once the associations and stories are learned (this doesn't take longer than just a few hours for the entire times table), we then drill each child on the answers to each math fact over and over again until they can answer each question in under 3 seconds.  Once the child can do that, they will know their times table, with instant recall, for life.  

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