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We have had so much interest and success telling our stories at our weekend Math Camps that we have decided to put all our energy into creating a DIGITAL VERSION OF OUR MATH CAMPS for 7-12 year olds so that we can reach children all over the world.



Kickstarter give us several advantages:

  • Helps us talk directly with customers to get their feedback.
  • Keeps us from having to give away equity.
  • Gets our marketing messaging in line.
  • Connects us with a global community that lets us know what they want.  For example, when we started, we had no idea that this program was so effective for dyslexia/dyscalculia children, but now we do.  There are many examples like that.


Please, if you're AT ALL interested in having your child learn their times tables using our math stories, or know of someone who is, please visit our Kickstarter page, and share us on Facebook and/or Twitter!


Have a great day!

Very best wishes,

The Brain Magic Team


P.S.  Please contact me if you have ANY questions!  I'll respond to each email personally, and would love to speak with you!

Drewe MacIver


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