Times Table Memorized, Guaranteed.

A handful of 20-minute sessions on our interactive digital course is all that is needed to memorize the times table. We use fun 1-minute stories with basic object representations (for ages 7+).

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For Desktops and Tablets

A purely digital experience. Your child’s training and progress is saved in their own private digital classroom. All that is needed is an internet connection.

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Quick & Fun Memorization

We tell a story for each times table question and then explain the objects in each story that teach the answer.  A few rounds of teaching & testing is all that is needed to memorize the times table.

Kids Remember Stories!

The times table is abstract and its math facts can be difficult to retain.  Watch these kids use our STORIES to remember times table answers. 

Digital Teaching & Testing

Your child will learn the times table anywhere with a WiFi internet connection.  Their progress will be saved in their own private digital classroom. 

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Brain Magic’s Times Tables Stories

Just a few of the benefits…

  • Math Becomes Fun and Easy

    Kids walk away feeling smart, and have a positive opinion of ‘doing’ math. 

  • The Fastest Math In The West

    Six hours spent on our digital course is all it takes to have the times table memorized.

  • Times Tables Learned, Guaranteed

    If your child doesn’t learn their math facts, the course is free!  No questions asked!

  • Memorization Techniques

    You child will also learn HOW to learn through using memory aids, which they can apply to future subjects in school.


I cannot say enough good things about this remarkable program and the people who put on this camp.  Their methodology is amazing and worked wonders for the children in the camp.  My daughter couldn’t answer a single question on the first test and by the end of the weekend has scored 100% and could answer them all.  I would recommend this to anyone interested in giving their kids a head start on math or for anyone with children struggling.  Money, well spent!  Even I learned some great tips!

It is fun for him, and you can see results over the two days.  It’s amazing!  And it opened up a whole new way for him to memorize other things!  Recommended for all parents!!!

Upon seeing the notification posted in my Facebook newsfeed about mastery of multiplication for children, I was very amazed on how the kids who were interview were at the young age was so much confident and quick in answering their multiplication questions!  I then decided to have my daughter Jenny Ruth attend the camp.  Now, I am very much excited for my daughter because she said, “now Mom, I LOVE MATH!”  Thanks Drewe, Darren, and Tanya at BrainMagic for the math camp.  Hope my youngest daughter can attend the next math camp event.

The teachers, the approach and the friendliness of the staff were amazing. It made me feel like I had made the right decision to bring my daughter to the camp. I have not seen that kind of genuine passion and love for teaching from teachers in a very long time...bravo!

My 10 year old daughter is a very visual learner and she picked this method up extremely easily. She enjoyed herself as well, and really enjoyed being successful! As she has dyslexia and dyscalculia this was a real confidence booster for her. Just yesterday she had trouble telling the time on an analog clock and I told her to multiply 7 by 5 minutes (she was trying to count it up) and with only a split second later she told me it was 35… When she realized how quickly she can get the correct answer the smile on her face was absolutely priceless!